The Department of Integrated Studies on Literacy, Didactics and Supervision (DISLDS) is a permanent subunit of the Institute of Education (IE), for production and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of Literacy, Didactics and Supervision. Its activity is targeted to all educational system levels, including scholar and non-scholar contexts, as well a​s to all activity sectors that provide lifelong learning education and training services.
As far as teaching activities are concerned, the DISLDS teaching staff intervenes in under-graduation programs, namely in the Licenciatura in Education and in the Licenciatura in Basic Education, as well as in several post-graduation programs. These include professionalizing oriented masters programmes (in education, in preschool education, and in teaching of a subject), research oriented masters programs and doctoral programs, in Educational Sciences and in Child Studies.
DISLDS members develop research within two IE research centres: Research Centre in Education (CIEd) and Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC). National and international Research projects run by DILDS staff are based on these research centres.
With regard to interaction with society, the DISLDS members develop different types of actions and provide several types of services to community members and institutions, by self-initiative or by request, based upon the principle of reciprocal valorisation. These actions are organized in articulation with the IE External Communication and Dissemination Service.