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The Office Interaction with Society is an interdepartmental structure that was created in 2010 in conjunction with the Presidency of IE UMinho. This office coordinates and implements the activities of IE interaction with society.
Fundamentally it is intended with this structure:

i) promote training actions continues the initiative of IE or in response to the specific request of Training Centres, Tertiary Education Institutions, Schools, Municipalities and Associations, among other educational institutions of nature;
ii) Provide consulting, scientific monitoring, organizing symposia, conferences and seminars, issuing opinions and conduct studies services, from public and private institutions, local, national and international level, according to the plan of activities of the Institute of Education.

The Office proposes to undertake the following activities:
  • Expand and coordinate the provision of continuous training and other services to the community;
  • Streamline cooperation protocols with social and educational associations, local authorities and local development associations;
  • Providing advice and carry out scientific and pedagogical supervision of projects and programs in the community;
  • To advise and perform studies requested by external entities;
  • Ensure accreditation of all training offered by the dynamized GIS-IE;
  • Support actions for scientific dissemination (conferences and other scientific meetings)
  • Supporting actions of educational intervention particularly cooperating partners and local schools;
  • Participate in local development projects, maximizing the UMinho Houses of Knowledge;