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Digital Manual II (MD II) is a project funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the contract no 2010/013657, developed under the Incentive Scheme for Research and Technological Development (SI & DT). It developed in the context of a consortium between Lusoinfo Multimedia company and the Institute of Education, University of Minho, represented by Prof. Doctor Leandro Almeida and by Dr. Antonio Jose Osorio and Altina Ramos. It is primarily aimed at educators and teachers of the 1st cycle of basic education, children and parents. The MD II project aims to produce digital educational content, based on innovative processes of design, production and application.

This project has as main objectives:
1. To design and produce digital educational content for schools.
2. To suggest strategies to use such content in order to active and participatory learning by children;
3. Create and foster an online platform for project monitoring to enable the gradual construction of a learning community;
4. Training teachers to use these academic environment resources;
5. Monitor the use of MD II in formal learning context;
6. Evaluate the results of the MD II use through studies with different methodological designs;
7. Publicize the project in Portugal and abroad through participation in conferences and publications.

At the project site ( you can find information on all products.

The team of the Institute of Education, University of Minho
Leandro Almeida
José Antonio Osorio
Altina Ramos
Elisabete Barros
Marta Silvestre

Institute of Education, University of Minho
Prof. José Antonio Osorio
Tel: 253 601 203

SimSafety project

The SimSafety is a co-funded by the European Union project, led in Portugal by Professor Anthony J. Osorio of the Institute of Education, University of Minho. This project addresses the issue of safe use of the Internet and is an approach of collaboration between adults and children with the aim of creating an environment of simulated test-situations where users (children / teachers / parents) develop skills / competencies to recognize and deal with the pitfalls and existing real dangers on the Internet. It is a project targeted to parents, teachers and students.
The group of experts participating in the project are from Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom.

The project

It is a fact that the use of the Internet has democratized and popularized by society in general and, therefore, do not wonder at that 9-10 year olds have regular access to cyberspace: social networks, email, chats, games ... However, it is because the time you spend "surfing" on the internet that several studies warn of the dangers that this "seemingly harmless" activity may pose to children. Aware that children adopt risky behaviors on the web, this European project adopts a philosophy of safe use of the Internet based on acculturation of practice learning, use and the Internet to allow current and future users to take better use of the Internet.


The project's main objectives are:
1. Study a little-investigated age group (children 9-11 years);
2. Alert parents, teachers and children to the issues of (in) security on the Internet;
3. Eliminate the digital gap between the different generations (parents / children, teachers / students);
4. Assess the level of awareness of Internet security;
5. Promote literacy Internet through a culture of responsible use and clear.

The portal
The game
Material support / tutorials
The SimSafety is an environment of simulated test-situations that puts users in touch with the experiences of (in) security on the Internet that must be recognized and overcome.
In the project portal ( can find different materials to the use of SimSafety in the classroom context (user manuals, support manuals, release forms, dissemination of materials, activities educational, etc.).

The Portuguese Team

University of Minho - Institute of Education:
Antonio Osorio
Ana Monteiro
Luis Valente
Maribel Miranda
Teresa Castro
Joan Osorio
Margarida Sousa
Vanessa Mendes (School Group Monastery and Cávado, Braga)
Manuela Sousa (School Center Sandpaper)
Carla Cardoso (School Group Egas Moniz, Guimarães)
Ana Maria Trigo (Palmeira Group of Schools, Braga)

For more information

Minho's university
Institute of Education
Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology
Prof. Antonio Osorio
Tel .: 253601203, 254604222